- Charity lectures at your Lodge or Chapter -

Mike is a very popular Masonic lecturer, who delivers up to one hundred talks per year in lodges, chapters and other Masonic Orders. He has delivered his lectures across the globe - from New York to Budapest. The "cost" of a talk is a donation to a charity of his choice. Further details can be provided.

The grave of Richard Tanner
Dick Tanner of the Yard - a Jewish officer or does his grave show a Masonic symbol?

I can deliver bespoke lectures for lodges and can conduct historical research - especially for anniversaries. Be prepared to find out the scandalous and criminal members of your lodge - as well as the decorated soldiers, inventors, actors, sportsmen, politicians and other Masons of note!

"My sincere thanks for an exhilarating talk.....The Brethren were most impressed with the delivery and content of your talk. No one went to sleep!"
- London Mason
Mason Ted Smith
"Crime and the Craft" ...was brilliant"
- Shropshire Mason
Mike delivers "fantastic lectures"
- Kent Mason
Masons at Mark Lodge
"Mike Neville is beyond a doubt one of the best Masonic speakers around, his lectures are a genuine joy to attend."
- London & Surrey Mason
Visiting a Scottish Lodge
"Tonight... we had the pleasure of having a lecture by WBro Mike Neville on the origins of Masonic links in relation to the bible based on his book. What a brilliant lecture, and worth every penny to attend. It just goes to show the religious and historical depth that Masonry draws its inspiration from, and I would say (contentiously) just how much doctrine we don't learn in relation to biblical and historical events and the Masonic nomenclature. I mean I read a lot about Masonic theory, the allegorical meanings behind the Craft etc.... but tonight I was blown away by the information that came out during the lecture. Worth every penny and those who couldn't make it tonight really missed out" - Surrey Mason

Sacred Secrets

Freemasonary, The Bible & the Christian Faith

Sacred Secrets by Mike Neville

“Many thanks for the talk you did for the Lodge - it went down a storm....”
Crime and the Craft by Mike Neville

Crime & The Craft!

Masonic links to famous cases of Murder, Treason & Robbery

  • Jack The Ripper…Jack the Mason?
  • Grand Master – Murdered – what happened to the Duke of Devonshire?
  • Masonic Signs at The Old Bailey – What Was The Sentence?
“Many thanks for an excellent presentation… It was informative, lively and entertaining. All of the members thoroughly enjoyed it and were discussing it enthusiastically all evening”.

Crime & The Craft 2!

More tales of skulduggery, scandal & crime

  • Jack The Ripper…solved by a Mason?
  • The true story of the brother tortured for Masonic secrets
  • The Mason, who applied to be the hangman, but ended up with his own head in the noose
  • The Masons sentenced to be hanged, drawn & quartered
  • Masons, armed robbery & the dangers of conspiracy theories…
“Every person there commented favourably, mostly along the lines of it being the most interesting masonic lecture they had ever seen.”
Crime & The Craft 2!
Masons & the Evolution of Crime Detection & Forensic Science

Masons & the Evolution of Crime Detection & Forensic Science

More tales of skulduggery, scandal & crime

  • Masons & the First Detectives
  • The First Fingerprint Expert – a Mason
  • The Mason, who was the “Real Sherlock Holmes”
  • Famous Murders……& Masonic Involvement
"Thanks for another great talk...Always lively and always interesting."
- Middlesex Mason

Masons & The West End

Celebrity, Murder & Scandal…

  • The Grand Master…or is it “Dirty Bertie”?
  • Famous actors and masonic celebrities
  • The murdered masonic actor – now a masonic ghost…
  • The downfall of Brother Oscar Wilde
  • A cross dressing mason & spy
  • And much more!
Masons and; The West End
Jack the Ripper - Jack the Mason?

Jack the Ripper - Jack the Mason?

Celebrity, Murder & Scandal…

  • Was there a Masonic conspiracy?
  • Were any suspects Members of the Craft?
  • What were the Masonic links to Scotland Yard?
  • The Letters from “Jack” received by Members of the Craft
  • Masonic links to doctors & pathologists

Jacobites & Freemasonry

  • Masons Against Masons
  • Grand Masters Against Grand Masters
  • Father Against Son & Brother Against Brother
  • The Political Storm into which Grand Lodge was born
"The feedback has been very positive, everyone...particularly enjoyed the lecture"
- Essex Mason
Jacobites and Freemasonry
War and Freemasonry

War & Freemasonry

The Impact of Warfare on the Craft

  • Battles & Sieges in our Ritual
  • Famous Military Freemasons
  • The Impact of War on a Lodge
  • Tips on Researching Lodge Military History